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We decided to ignore our impending illnesses and get up nice and early have a big hearty breakfast of baked beans on rustic toast and orange juice before hitting the road to Windsor. The weather as usual when Matt and I decide to go on one of our little road trips or visits to a part of the U.K that we have never been to or that we both particularly enjoy, the weather decides that it has to be grey and just has to shower at least once.

I've never been to the Royal Borough of Windsor and Eton, but have wanted to for quite a while now, being that of a history nerd, castle and palace lover it would have been incredibly rude to not visit the Queens other abode and it did not disappoint. The he wild flowers and exotic landscaping on part of the castles exterior was breathtaking as well as seeing Queen Mary's incredible dolls house and state apartments. We also walked down near the weather and romanticised over the beautiful swans before entering Eton to see the famous college and peek into the array of cute little shops.

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