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A couple of weeks ago Matt and I visited my Aunt and Uncle, Their three Cats and Buddy the Dog in Gloucestershire where they have a lovely cottage in the heart of The Forest of Dean. Luckily the weather was beautiful and sunny and we went for walks in Symonds Yat, which overlooks some beautiful views and Buddy could roam and make lots of new human and four legged friends.

We visited Mary Rose Young's studio for a quick look around the exuberant and colourful space, not all of her pieces are to my taste as I'm not massively into bright colours but they are undeniably beautiful, fun and creative. I did fall a little in love with the gold and white pieces that she had produced with ornate gold flowers and crown adorning teapots.

'The stunning scenery and landscape of the Forest of Dean has long been an inspirational place to many writers, artists, poets and craftspeople and the arts and crafts scene in the area is vibrant and diverse, from weavers to jewellers, potters to painters, musicians to photographers.'

Another place worth visiting in the Forest is Taurus Crafts which my Aunt and Uncle took us to. You can spin your own pottery or paint some, buy homemade chocolates, antique shop or buy tasty treats at the farmers shop. I'm eager to get back and stay when the weather is turning a little autumnal but still crisp and sunny (we can only wish) and visit places like Puzzlewood, which is used a lot for filming locations for TV and film, not suprising because it looks completely ethereal, dreamy and also believed to have been the inspiration behind Lord of the Rings, Middle Earth.

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Millie said...

Ahhh I'm from the Forest! :) such a pretty place isn't it, I do miss it! (I'm currently trying to be a city dwelling girl) :) Have you ever been to May Hill? It's a group of trees, apparently 99 and the 100th won't grow :) x