Versailles Diary

One of my happy places in this vast world has got to be the beautiful Versailles Chateau. Half an hour away from the main city of Paris. The gardens provide endless inspiration and beautiful landscapes for as long as the eyes can see. 

My second trip to Versailles this month with my close friend Amelia who had never experienced the wonder of the palace before. This time instead of visiting on a crazy busy Saturday (like I did last year…) we visited mid week, still busy with tourists but a good kind of busy. Being under 26 and a European citizen means that entry to the Palace is free, just flash them your passport and that is your ticket.

Last year I was upset that we didn't have time to visit the Marie Antoinette Estates. This part of Versailles had to be my most favourite. It felt like walking into something I had dreamed of hundreds of times before. Quaint cottages, Trees full of blossom, Birds singing and adorable animals frolicking in the farm.
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Shawsy said...

I totally adore your photos! <3

Lauren said...

Marie Antoinette is one of these people (like Cleopatra) who almost seems like a myth because she was so larger-than-life and so many stories have been told about her. The little farmhouse is so cute! x