1. Southbank 2. Mich with our drinks of choice 3. One of the worst photos of fireworks you will probably ever see... lets call it artistic! 

Happy 2012 everyone! I hope you all had a great night and first day of the year yesterday. I started the year as I mean to go on by having a lovely day with my bffl and evening at the south bank watching the London fireworks with it was such a good night, better then expected because I didn't really have any expectations, I'm not one of these people who thinks NYE  needs to be some HUGE occasion. I mean well of coarse I like it and I don't mind others wanting to spend it the way they do but I prefer to do something 'different' or more experience based. Next year I really want to go to the blitz themed party, 1920s decadence or a comedy club. I'm not a going to 'town' and getting wasted type. I do like the coming of a new year though. Whether the previous year has been particularly good or bad, even though it's just another day. It's kinda of a chance to start a fresh, I won't kid myself with 'new year, new me' #vom but I strive to be the best version of myself that I can. Work on my insecurities, anxieties, build up my confidence, work hard, be happy and hope for a successful, fun and exciting year and maybe a nice boy to make my heart skip a beat.

Yesterday I pretty much spent the whole day at my friends watching films. We didn't get back til 4 in the morning after having a mission of the year (didn't take long) to find a tube station or a bus to Victoria. We didn't end up til 12. I also started a cleanse yesterday but by the evening I caved and had to drink a cup of tea because the headache induced by lack of caffeine was too much (I know this would happen as I've done this cleanse a few times) so I'm going to do it again exactly the same but have at least 2 cups of tea, it's not worth making myself be in pain. 

Instead of inconceivable never to be achieved resolutions I'm doing goals for throughout the year, monthly goals, weekly (I won't share these all with you as they're be far to many and boring)

1. To be healthier, lose some weight, tone up and be fitter by my holiday to USA in September. Lifestyle change NOT a diet, diets don't work I believe. You need to be able to live and enjoy life. Need to start working out again properly, I use to love doing water aerobics and zumba when I did it regularly now I've fallen out of the routine, I need to get back into it. 

2. Meet up with friends I haven't seen in way to long. Try to balance work and life better so can make more time to see friends and spend time with them, something I find difficult. 

3. Save as much money as possible for project NYC and to make my future a reality. Everyone who commissions, or purchases a print or something from my jewellery shop you are helping and I really do appreciate it more then you know,  good karma to all!

4. Read more books including, The Virgin Suicides, Great Gatsby, The picture of Dorian Gray, Great Expectations, A Christmas Carol, Breakfast at Tiffanys and Never Let Me Go.

5. Illustrate for more online publications and magazines. Such as Amelias Magazine, Lionheart Magazine, Flamingo, Ammo etc. 

6. Submit work to open calls, enter as many competitions as possible. Even if I think I stand no chance, it all builds up portfolio of work and at the end of the day you never know. 

7. Regularly do sketchbook work, practicing, honing and improving my skills. 

8. Work on my writing, creative writing for books, poetry and small paragraphs, keep a notebook to write ideas and to jot any inspiration. 

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Kim Parslow said...

Aw I'd love to spend a New Year in London one year :) Looks amazing. Glad you had a really good night! x

sweet monday

jennifer june said...

Your goals are all fab :) I wish you the best of luck for the new year and hope all your dreams come true!


Annarack said...

Awesomeness, sounds like a good list of things to do and that I should do myself xx

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had an amazing night in London! Your resolutions are great x

Anonymous said...

Happy new year! That list of goals is wonderfully achievable. Good luck!


Pip said...

Lovely pictures (including the firework one!). Looks like you had a lovely New Year, and I hope you achieve all of your resolutions!

Pip x

PS - Loved all the bits and pieces featured from your sketchbook by Jazzy of Hiven, they were all beautiful!

Vicky said...

Love the first picture :) I really want to be in London on New Year's Eve one day.



Lisa-Marie said...

Jaymie, I don't subscribe to New years being an enormous blow-out either. I spent mine in Wales with family, and it was lovely.

Also, your goals are are excellent and achievable, and I like that they ARE goals, not resolutions which are doomed to failure really.

Good luck, and I shall be here cheering you on.

Jamie E. Anthony said...

I saw some of your sketches on hivenn! They were ridiculously amazing! I'd love to be sketched like that someday! Too beautiful!!!

Hope you had a great new years!


Gaby de Modacapital said...

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