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1. Bucks Fizz  2. Christmas breakfast 3. Presents! 4. JAY present 5. Pretty Christmas cake (hate the taste though!) 

1. Some pretty lame photos from Christmas but pretty much sums it up. I had a lovely family filled Christmas, full of laughter and good times. Sometimes that's exactly just what you need. Christmas in the O'Callaghan household usually involves waking up pretty early, this year rolled on downstairs at about 7.30 to open some stocking filler presents, have some bucks fizz and boiled egg and soldiers with my sister all accompanied by christmas music of coarse. Pretty much just spend the whole day eating, drinking, opening presents, watching tv, films, playing, chilling and having a cheeky nap. I got some lovely presents and some more boring type ones as well (I did actually ask for and needed them) I received some beautiful and inspiring books which I will share very soon, they're too pretty not to. If you've made a chrismtas post please link me, I would love to see how others spend their day and be nosey!

2. Who else has watching the BBC adaptation of 'Great Expectations' I love a period drama or a remake and I've been really getting into it, doesn't Douglas Booth just make your heart melt? I feel like such a cougar even though I'm only 2 years older then him. Tonight is the last episode and I feel that I now really need to read the book. I have never read any Dickens novels, but like most people have seen Christmas Carol more times that had hot dinners. Next year I'm going to start reading it from Novemeber onwards! If you haven't been watching it the whole series will be on BBC iPlayer to catch up with for at least a week I suspect. 

My lovely fellow Twiggy admirer Rose posted about her necklace and my shop on her blog and the above pictures are from that post. I'm so glad she liked it and it adorned her neck on Christmas day.

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Rose said...

aw lovely christmas photos! glad you had a nice one.
hoping my post on your jewellery was okay? Tell me if not! got some great comments about it people are loving your shop :)
OMG DOUGLAS BOOTH, swoooooon I think I'm a little in love
i did great expectation for my English GCSE so i was a little bit worried about watching it as it might haunt me at all the revision i did, crap i mean meant to do haha
it was really good though!

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

Cute photos :) Yes I've been perving on Douglas Booth and I'm 6 years older than him! x

jemmalouise said...

glad you had a lovely day girlie! x

Kfedland said...

Looks like you had a beautiful Christmas. Your photos are so ace!
And I saw Rose's post on this necklace.. it's gorgeous!x

LeighFreda. said...

Love these photos, especially the one with boiled eggs! haha glad you had a wonderful Christmas and I hope you have an equally wonderful new year :)


Shara said...

great necklace u get:))wish u a happy new year!La Folie