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 I've been working on a 'Breakfast at Tiffanies' style charm necklace featuring iconic scenes or items to do with the film such as 'the kiss' in the rain, cat, the eye mask donned audrey, I also want to make a croissant, coffee and a mini tiffanies bag or box.

Some new pieces on the shop include brogue tap shoe necklace, dorothy slippers ring, white rabbit ring. Also made a pink Dr Marten ring, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn with that eye mask on, Dorothy and Toto and a New York skyline ring.

What's peoples plans for new year? I'm planning on going to London to see the fireworks as we had a few things to chose from but has all been bit up in the air. This is probably what I want to do the most as never been and may be the best year to do when its been so mild. Tomorrow I am going to rock the beehive and twiggy eyes like no ones business. Is there anything in particular you might like to see as an end of year/ roundup kind of post for tomorrow? If so please let me know :)

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thegirlabouttown... said...

OMG I have to have one of these Breakfast at Tiffany's items! Going to be so hard choosing which one though, I love that film so so so much!

Linked you up on my blog earlier as I was talking about my revamp! :)

Sarah xXx

Anonymous said...

The brouge charm looks ace! Firworks in London sounds immense, have a lovely time. I'm just planning on staying in with the family, eat lots, drink lots and watch a film or two! Happy New Year for Sunday!

Pip said...

Love all of your jewellery so much! The brogue necklace is amazing, popping onto your shop to have a look at everything now!

Pip x

Anonymous said...

That brogue necklace is AMAZING!! x