Pinch Punch

Wizard of Oz, Bucks Fizz, Flowers, Balloons, Millies Cookie and Macaroons.

It's November the month of my birthday :) so here's a rather self indulgent post, oops. Just a quick doodle birthday wish list. I love doodling and I love lists... you probably gathered that. This year my list is quite a good mixture between books, DVDs, models own 'beetle juice' polish, clothes and money for all the vast amounts I owe right now (I'm looking at you mac book and USA holiday next year) There is so many books that I'm after right now lots of pretty ones, children's illustrated books, planners... basically getting my nerd on, completely and utterly. 

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lilly lia said...

I just found your blog via what olivia did because of the ads at the side bar. My blog is there, too, so I decided to visit all the other featured blogs.

Your wishlist is so cute I want all of this, too. And did you draw that by yourself? You are very talented, hon. XO Lilly

Tegan said...

this is sooo sweet! tea is a definite birthday essential! :) xo

alicia said...

love your illustrations! so sweet and cute.

k f e d l a n d said...

this is adorable! Really is. I especially love the 'millies cookies' seriously.. someone BEST get you that! x

Anonymous said...

Your illustrations are amazing! The dress looks beautiful, and plenty of tea is always a good idea :) xx