August Nutshell


Happy 1st of Septemeber... time really does fly! I can't believe how much has gone down this month. It already feels like such a long time since The London Riots, which spread to the rest of the UK. Seeing Croydon on Sky news with Reeves Corner up in flames, going to work and subsequently being sent home early because of everything happening, mental. My Grandma also had her accident earlier this month and has been in hospital at the moment for 3 weeks, she's as well as she can be, but has had to have blood transfusion and not really put weight on her leg which was broken. Apart from those not so nice moments of August there has been a lot of lovely bits too such as; car boot sale, catching the sun and chilling with sally, shopping trips to lakeside, eating pink berry, going to the cinema lots (Smurfs, Glee and Inbetweeners) Day trip to Brighton, having a fish pedicure, Seeing my Aunt and Uncle, having a good catch up with them and having an inspiring chat with my auntie (she gave me the quilt in the last picture)  counting the days down til holiday, receiving our tickets, setting up my new 'By Jaymie' shop, Models Own 50% sale, receiving lots of post and parcels. 

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Pip said...

Love all the gorgeous pictures! Also loving the glimpse of a strawberry nail in the first picture.

Look at my blog?

Pip x

Rose said...

you should so come back to brighton again soon :D
and i love all these pictures, especially the food ones hahah
so jealous of your holiday to kenya! hope you have a lovely time

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

Mmm yes loving the food pics. And the quilt is gorgeous :) Ahh your hol is so close now, exciting! xx

Glitter Detector said...

love this post specially your paintings x

Kate said...

All the food looks great, especially the taco, mm! Hope next month is as good for you and I hope your grandma feels better! x

Dancing Branflake said...

Oh my goodness, I had no clue the riots went further. That is crazy. And you have Pinkberry in England? How did I not see that when I was there? Love Pinkberry!

HippySal said...

Love how the first photo is at the hippy house :)..such a nice day xx