Style Crush: Jameela Jamil

What Jameela Wore - Jaymie O'Callaghan 

I sent Jameela this illustration over twitter as she was keen to see it when I mentioned that I was illustrating her for a style crush post for my blog.

Not only do I love her style but I think she seems like a lovely person as well, I really like her as a presenter and her columns in Company are always a must read! No one rocks a hat quite like Jameela, with her beautiful flowing locks, her trademark feline flicks and her enviable long limbs, There's just something very natural about her which draws me in. She's got the whole contradiction look going on too that I love and would describe my own style as being, think girly dresses with hard leather boots complete with vampy eyes and lips. J'adore. 

Images via Google Search and Jameela Tumblr.

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Anonymous said...

This is amazing, I love it! It looks so much like her, your an amazing illustrator!

Lots of Love,
Lily from Red Brick Lipstick

Ellie Jane said...

The picture is so good, it looks just like her. I really love your illustrations.

I met Jameela when she was filming koko pop in Camden. She is SO nice and had a nice chat with me and my friends apologising because she thought she had flashed us in her short skirt when she climbed on stage hah. (she hadn't though despite her concerns ha)

Rebecca said...

amazing picture! Love this post xx

Victoria said...

Your illustration is amazing! I totally agree about her company columns! x

We Are The Crowd said...

Your illustration is amazing! I love it! :) Jameela's column is always a must read for me too, she's always so genuine and naturally funny :) she's such a style icon!

Love Ellen

Dancing Branflake said...

Love the illustration and I adore her booties. Nice!

Tribal Fox Vintage said...

ive never heard of her but she looks so familiar! does she have like an etsy shop or something?

Sophie Westrope said...

Aw I bloody love it. I'm a huge fan of Jameela too and your illustration really does her justice :) xxx

Beth said...

Your illustration is really good! And its super cool she saw it aswell!

She is really beautiful and has an amazing style!

Rose said...

peeeeeeerfect illustration of her! I LOVE IT! I want your illustrations up on my wall i love them.
I lov eher too! she's perfect isn't she? haha i wish i was her. Or i wish i had her hair and her limbs and her wardrobe

Kate said...

Wow thats absolutely amazing! x

Paper Heart Girl said...

Such a cool lady! And she thanked you, that's so awesome! xx

Summer said...

This is amazing, i adore her style!x

a.j.b said...

Wow! This is amazing - I love her style too and she seems so genuine in her company columns - she seems like such a lovely person x