Pinch Punch, there goes another month.

Check out my white bits.

I'm not naked, Promise! I'm wearing a strapless top, clothes and bra straps hurt WAY to much right now to be touching the skin. I got the burn yesterday whilst me and Sally were doing a car boot sale, it was such a lovely sunny beautiful fun day, but burning is so not cool. I had so much suncream on but I think I did neglect my back and chest a little, naughty! We had Mcflurries after in the sun, followed by cider, twisters and listening to radio one in her garden on the sun loungers. I guess I do look sun kissed now but just not in the right way. BOO. You know the whole take your dress off situation and you look like you're still wearing a one... hmm. I just wanted to show you my white bits cos clearly they're beautiful haha and my little stub excuse of nails which are donned in little summery strawberry nails. Literally just Garnet Red base coat and then sploding Pastel Yellow polish (both models own) then used Spring Green by Barry M to hand paint the little leaf tops. 

1st of August... Geez Louise. Guess what I can finally say now? I go on holiday next month !! I sent of my piece off to Ballad Of Little Shop of Horrors submission. Something which can now be ticked off my to do list. I'm in a strange mood right now I think because it's so hot and sticky, it's draining me and I seem to be doing everything wrong! For example my camera decided to go mental (grumble one) I banged my leg on the end of my bed (grumble two) Waisted a lot of time on doing something which would have be fun if it hadn't gone a rye (grumble three) I keep reopening a cut on my finger (spew and grumble four) As Take That would say things can only get better, cheeeeeese! Hope you're all having better luck with the start of your week.

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kia said...

Ooo lovely nails! Sudo crem is an absolute life saver for sunburn x

Glitter Detector said...

Love the nails! Hope your sunburn gets better soon. Here in Portugal the month of August is extremely hot but somehow this year it started with rain and thunder, my week isn't starting that well too ahah xx

Anonymous said...

Your nails are adorable, I wish I had the patience.
Oh god, tell me about sun burn, I managed to my on back and whenever my bra strap pings (for whatever reason haha) it's agony.

Lily at Red Brick Lipstick

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

love your nails! x

Florence said...

LOL I love how you started your post :)
and lovely strawberry nails
i did smth like that before and it was nice

visit me if you have a mo :)