Flower Girl

The Flower Girl

The lovely Becky May posted this illustration on her blog sometime last week but I'm only just getting round to publishing it myself. Slackerrrr. Me and Becky have been in discussions and mutual fondness for each others blogs wanted to do a little project together. I don't know how often or how many paintings I'll be able to do but  I in particular wanted to use it to try new different styles and experiment with the materials. I used watercolour, pencils, acrylics, gouache and charcoal. Plus little pressed flowers which I love using in my work right now, to adorn the field setting, ideal for any flower girl. I'm working on another painting for Becky at the moment which I shall post when I've finished it and she has posted it. 

A kind of showing steps of the process and layering up, but  obviously a lot more in-between and after the last image, Just it's a bit hard to snap away when you're in the flow of painting! 

Wah! How humid is it? It's making me feel a bit sick. I wish I could go to Aqua fit again tonight because yesterday it was such a perfect ending to a hot day and did the trick in calming my sun burn, Which I think is getting better and turning brown today! I took over my whole living room late last night and rose early to continue I've been making lots of new things and drawing which I will share with you lovely lot very soon. 
How ever much I do though still so much left on my 'To Do List' never ending tbh. I've shut my Etsy shop at the moment because I want to concentrate on doing a big cartel and seeing how that would go down.

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Kate said...

Aqua fit sounds really good, I think I'm going to give it a go! Lovely illustration! x

Anonymous said...

I saw the painting and loved it, so much passion and enery with the use of colour and flowers - what a great idea! Oh gosh I know, I was in town today and just couldn't wait to get home - I was so hot and bothered, I'm so looking forward to winter now!

Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

Toks said...

Amazing painting! :)

jemmalouise said...

I love Becky, she is awesome and this is fantastic. Now following :)