We never had a heart to heart


Thursday evening in a nutshell.

This week I've not stopped. Why do lots of good things seem to happen in one week and then other weeks literally nothing happens? I've had very little sleep and girl cramps to deal with as well (the worst for quiet some time!) to be a girl. I seem to have taken on a lot of work as well, illustration and art wise but it's all things I really want to do, so needs must.  Tonight I got in at about 5.40 and I just crashed out eating chocolate and drinking tea and having an hour nap, noice. I am totally relaxing and doing absolutely nothing, which is needed. 

Mystery Jets on Thursday were amazing, They are so good life and the Hippodrome venue is so good and intimate. New Slang Indie night is a total winner, very much recommend and will definitely be hitting the place for a night out or if another great band does a gig there. We went to Giraffe at Victoria for dinner before heading to Kingston. Used this time to my advantage by adding bits of detail to an illustration I have been working on for Amelias Magazine. I had the loveliest crispy pizza flat bread, we also had some yummy happy hour cocktails (pina colada, a firm favourite!) and a profiterole sundae. Then last night met up with some friends in Islington to see Russel Kane do a warm up show for the Edinburgh fringe. I was ridiculously knackered before any of the comedy started and had barely eaten anything, felt quite sicky really. but once I started laughing, which I do in bucket loads and had a cider inside me I woke up and then when it finished I was so ready for my bed which I was only in for about 4 hours. Work was not easy to wake up for this morning complete with having to wash my hair and scanning, resizing and formatting and illustration. Face palm.

Tomorrow after a nice lay in. I'm off to the Ben and Jerrys Festival, Maximo Park are headlining at Clapham Common and the weather is actually meant to be nice. Festival attire? I think so, need to make the most of the sporadic summer don't we now? Hope you had a fun loving saturday!  

P.s Think I've decided that I will be going for the chop which I mentioned in my last OOMA post but after feedback this will probably be commencing once I get back from Kenya! 

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Kate said...

Sounds and looks like you had a good night! Jealous of you seeing maximo park, i love em! x

Jaymie said...

yeah i did mystery jets make me smile so much, they're too good.
aww do you, should be fun I hope :) x

This Charming Style said...

Sounds like you've been having fun! I like mystery jets, and have fun at the ben and jerrys festival, i love maximo park too! :)

Anonymous said...

Great photos. The food looks yummy! :)
And I know what you mean, how all of these great things happen so close together then you're bored when suddenly nothing is going on. Hate that.

xox Courtney Michele
Breakfast in Wonderland