My Sketchbook - Jaymie O'Callaghan

I wanted to share an extract from my sketchbook, something I've been working on this weekend amongst other things is this watercolour painting of a beautiful wild Elephant. I've recently I've been doing a lot more realistic studies, I want to get more into doing portraits and studies from life. This doesn't mean I'll be neglecting my illustrative style or some more of my messier abstract studies everything in moderation, everything has its place and time. So if anyone fancies commissioning me for a portrait or an animal painting, hit me up!

The Blog turns one next Monday, planning some good posts for this week in the lead up. I hope you'll enjoy them anyway. They're the kind of thing I like to see and read. What do you think makes a good blog? It got me thinking after the new #bbloggers hash tag on twitter has been going around, aiming to help out fellow bloggers @daisykate said something really interesting on twitter 'The best advice in blogging I've had is something said, make your blog something you would like to read yourself' I totally agree, If you're not interested or passion in what it is you have to say or write then who else is going to. There's no point having your own blog if you're not really doing it from your own point of view. That's what I think anyway, I love reading blogs that have a personal touch, whether about their day, some photos, a film they've seen a friend they're seeing. I think you can tell when the bloggers sincere and enjoys what they do. It's kind of infectious and creates a fire that makes you want to do something and just inspires you. That's what I find from my favourite blogs.

Looking through my archive and I came across some of my previously posted collage collection of images that I love and found to be inspiring. I still love them and still find them to be inspiring and I wanted to post them again for maybe new readers who haven't trawled through the archive (understandable!) and for readers who may have seen them before but like me want to be jogged and have their eyes lie on them once again.

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Rachel said...

That elephant is amazing- I love those animals, they have such dignity about them and always look so sad.. I like blogs that have a mix of things too- outfits, films, events, inspiration pictures.. (loving these ones not sure I've seen them before) xx

Anonymous said...

wow, this is a beautiful watercolour! it should be in a frame, not in a book! :-)

Summer said...

The elephant is amazing :)!xxx

kia said...

Wowzers, loving the elephant :) I have just illustrated a new blog header for my blog! x

Ashley said...

your sketch is so AWESOME!
wow you are just so talented!