July in a Nutshell

 'By Jaymie' the blog turned one.

       My sister the baker made lovely cupcakes for me and it's birthday, any excuse really. Mr Panda was my favourite.

Finally saw Bridesmaids after wanting to for a couple of weeks.

Went to Afters for the first time, amaaaazing. I opted for a kids sundae the 'Bubbalicious' Bubble gum ice-cream, Mr whippy ice-cream, Marshmallows, Bubblegum sauce, 100s and 1000s, Flake and obviously some bubblegum. Have a look at their menu, total food porn. I think at the moment theres only the one in Croydon and Tooting but more might be popping up around soon.

I took my month long venture into the world of Potter by buying the Boxset which I have no sold on. Really enjoyed the films and love Ron so much. 

Went to the theatre to see Ghost the musical for my Mums birthday with the Family. 

Got my new MacBook !! Still a bit of MacBook pro but I'm getting there and I now know how to do a hashtag...

Mystery Jets in Kingston, They were so good live and really want to go see them again asap. Cheap as tickets for Kingston hippodrome as well, will definitely be returning for other bands! Also went to see Russel Kane do a warm up comedy gig in Islington the day after, I was very tired this week!

Ben & Jerrys festival! The perfect Summers day.

Harry Potter and the deathly hallows pt 2, dragged Linda along who has never seen any other HPs or read the books either and she liked it too. 

Forever 21 opening! Had a girly LDN day with my lovebum.

New small business cards and stickers with my illustrations on from MOO.com, they have money off.

In many ways July has felt like such a long month! With the whole 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays! It feels like yonks ago my blog turned one and it must have only been 3 weeks? July has been quite a hectic, fun month. Just one more day of July to go and then after that I will be able to say 'I go on holiday next month' Oh yes! I am dead excited now. We have our safari sorted and are meeting up with the guy we've been corresponding with the day after we arrive. We decided on Tsavo East to West, just me and my sister 3 days, 2 nights Safari. It looks incredible. It's through Julius Safaris if anyone is interested, we did a lot of research into them and trip advisor are all positive reviews, we also emailed previous people who had been on a safari with them and they couldn't praise him or the company more and it really sounded amazing everything they described.

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Cassie said...

that ice cream looks amazing, but by favourite pictures are of your illustrations at the end. you're so talented! well done on settling on a safari, i'm still struggling to decide -x-

rebecca said...

oh my, that bubblegum ice cream looks insane! and i can't wait for the forever 21 to open in westfield, stratford city - hurry up!


Kate said...

Looks like you had a good month! Love your illustrations and that ice cream looks amazing! x

sam x said...

Moo do such great business cards! I love that you can get multiple pictures but it doesn't cost extra. They look great btw! x

Hero and Cape said...

Mr Panda is so super cute! And I could sit through all Harry Potter movies without moving a muscle! Your blog is great!

This Charming Style said...

Wow, it looks like July has been a busy but great month!x