Humble Abode Revisited.

This is where I lay my head. My cheap and cheerful Ikea duvet cover which I love. One of my most favourite things in the world is a fresh bedding and having a gorgeous bubble bath and getting into bed that night, simple things! I have lots of cushions and pillows on my bed I need to be cosy and comfy when I'm watching TV or blogging. The little panda peeking out from the end of my bed was a present my Sister bought me when we were in Paris, from The rain forest Cafe in Disney land.

My room is all about expressing myself and feeling like it's my own place. After moving back home from living away from university last year. I am a bit of a homebody and enjoy the comforts of home, halls aren't my kind of place I need a bath, television and my own washing machine. I yearn for my own little apartment where I can spread out, make it completely arty and crazy yet homely. I really really badly want to move away from England ideally work and live in New York for a while or a part of America (I will make this happen someday!) or live down by the coast and own a little tea shop which exhibits art, photography and jewelery. So right now for me it's more about traveling, trying to get myself out there more and save up to make this a reality at some point instead of spending ridic amounts on rent in a place I don't want to live.

My work, desk, art area which is usually a hell of a lot messier then this but in the aid of taking photos for this post I had a little tidy around. There will nearly always be a cup of tea featuring on my desk, lots of pots of water, paintbrushes, paper and paints.

Tim Burton MOMA exhibition poster.

Vanity, Make-up, prepping area. What a diva, nattt. The perfumes I use regularly are Daisy by Marc Jacobs, I'm not going to lie I love the bottle just a little bit more then the fragrance itself I think. Jimmy Choo and occasionaly Lacoste touch of pink. Jimmy Choo is probably my favourite right now though. I don't wear perfume during the day if I'm working though as I like to try all different ones and not waste my own, also I end up probably stinking of so many different scents at the end of the day that there is not point spraying it in the morning. I keep little knick knacks such as bracelets and badges in my little Laduree box. I keep all my make-up in the draws of the dressing table and a clear storage stack shelves. My Ikea standing mirror is in a bit of a  desperate need of a clean, oops. I have to have a mirror which I can pull right up near my face as well as the one on the wall as when I'm doing my makeup the lighting is a bit of a pain otherwise. My blue owl pot where some of my rings live.

I love my little metal and wooden cat which were a gift from Brighton where I keep the rest of my rings. My most worn rings right now are probably my Turquoise stone ring and purple stone ring that I made and my thumb ring, which can be seen in this post.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and if you have happened to or plan on doing a similar post I would love to see your rooms to. They are one of my most favourite things to look at, I think you get a real insight in to a person, there personality and tastes.

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Lolo said...

Aww your room is cute! You've got some awesome artwork on the walls too!

Andaje said...

Some say, hope is for the dreamers, that have the courage to make it into a goal. Hoping that your dreams will come true - I think they will eventually.

Emma Harold said...

I love this post! I adore all the art on your walls. I love seeing people's rooms too! In the house with my family it is the one place that I can make my own. I may have to do a room post one day soon as well :]

I hope all your travelling plans come true. I am hoping to do some travelling in the next few years too! I am currently saving, it's hard but so worth it isn't it :]

Emmma xx

Zoe said...

You have such a beautiful bedroom. I have recently moved out of my own flat and into my box-bedroom at my Mums house and I am finding it difficult to find my own space which I'm comfortable in. Can't wait to get into my own space again. I also want to travel and spend more time in New York after my trip xx

Jaymie said...

Very true!
Yes Emma do a post like this sooon I would love a nose :)

Ruby Vee said...

I love seeing these posts! Your room definitely has a lot of personality. as do you!

Kate said...

I absolutely love your room, its so creative and looks amazing! I posted a few photos of my room in one of my latest posts (not many) but take a look if you fancy! x

Dancing Branflake said...

I love your room! I also collect nice bags like those. It's part of the whole experience I want to remember.

Pink Penguin (Elyse) said...

I love these kinds of posts, a 'sneak peak' into somebody elses home! Love how much personality your room has, it's quite inspiring x

Emily said...

Your room is so homely, I love noseying around peoples homes! Totally agree about having a bath and getting into fresh bedding is one of the best things ever!xx

Emily said...

Your room is so homely, I love noseying around peoples homes! Totally agree about having a bath and getting into fresh bedding is one of the best things ever!xx