Star Gazer


Stargazer pattern print.

I had such a lovely day today after an impromptu waking up far to early and leaving my friends because I hadn't been able to sleep for a couple of hours. I definitely looked like I was doing the walk of shame even though we hadn't been drinking and literally just watched 'The Runaways' but that's what leaving at 6.45 in the morning and having to wait for the bus in your sunglasses, messy hair and no makeup. mm tasty. I decided to accompany Mumma OC and Sister to meet my Brother and his girlfriend for breakfast in Surbiton and have a look around the local farmers market and the sun made it's glorious appearance which makes everything ten times better. We also pain my Grams a visit for a cup of tea before I had to come home to buy sketchbook and get on with some work. What did you get up to?

I've drunk a sufficient amount of frozen beverages and frappes this week, Hello Starbucks happy hour! They should definitely do this long term, maybe every Friday or something not just for a week... Just Saying. My sister bought me the most beautiful cupcake (that's a surprise haha) ever, I haven't eaten it but it's so pretty, too pretty to eat right now.

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Tonya said...

Did you draw that!? So cute!! I love it..I wish I had a top with that print on it!

Jaymie said...

I did :) thanks sweetie x