Oh girl you're such a mess.

My desk., a very messy Jaymie's desk.

I work in such a mess it's ridiculous! I really need to learn to organise and keep my things neater #notgoingtohappen! This is to show you the kind of conditions and how my mind pretty much works, too much going on at once about to many different things. These are some projects that I've been working on since the weekend, Some new necklaces, a bird headband, a project I'm doing for a video for LCF which I actually finished Tuesday night, the usual watercolour and today illustration shanagans going on to.

I'm so glad I have today off because I am aching so much from a long hard workout and plus want to get on with a lot of things and have a cheeky tv catchup. I still have about 6 episodes of Mad Men to watch because I feel like I haven't watched it in forever!

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chloe.anne said...

a beautiful mess!

Whimsically Random said...

Haha looks like my 'studio' organised chaos right?! Oh i love mad men i hope the next series is soon :) x

lady liquor vintage. said...

it looks lovely though, i like organized clutter! i love the little lamp & the cute little drawers especially,


Dancing Branflake said...

No worries! It's an artist's desk. It's perfect.

Sirens and Bells said...

An artist's desk should never be too organised! xx

Sister Hayley said...

An organised mess I am sure.
I adore the USA necklace missy!

Paper Heart Girl said...

Very cool post! What a great work space you have! xxx

dan said...

messy is the way forward! I like it :) xx