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I've had a really lovely and busy weekend. Hence no blog updates, illustrations or replies, been busy with the social side of life instead. I saw Water for Elephants on Friday night which I can really recommend. I had been waiting to see it for some months and after all I am an avid cinema goer. The elephant in the film (rosie!) is so gorgeous and clever. I would love to go to Thailand and ride one. What an amazing experience! Hopefully I'll see some in the wild when I go on holiday. I'm going to start reading the book now to see how much it differs from the story on screen. I've heard a lot of good things about the novel so I'm hoping I will love them both.

We went to the Wah salon in the Oxford Street Topshop on Saturday, but they didn't have any appointments left for the day which I totes expected (I did try to book but couldn't get through) but have booked for four of us to get our nails done on 4th of June when we're having a rather exciting day uptown booking a trip to the USA for next year, so excited! Americana nails are a go go. Because we couldn't get our nails done we decided to buy some crazy coloured Barry M shades (acid yellow anyone?) and some coloured instant effects polish and attempted to paint our nails in Green Park (I do not suggest this for anyone as bad as painting nails as us!) I still want some of the Models Own crackle effect nail polish when they come out especially the turquoise. I had the buffest Cherry Coke soda float in Eds Diner which are basically becoming a new obsession of mine, I never thought I would like them but it turns out I do, I love them! We had cocktails, cupcakes and some snacks in Ruby Blues before heading to The Comedy Store which made my head ache from the sheer amount of laughing, instant cheek lift! What did you all get up to? The weather was a little eratic, very humid really thought there would be a major storm a brewing.

I'm looking forward to a relaxing retreat with my Mum and Sister next weekend in Bath. Full on girly weekend with cream teas, historical sites and spa treatments. If anyone lives in Bath or visits regularly (I've only been once) is there any really cute little independent shops, art shops or vintage ones that I must go to? I always seek these out!

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Sophie Isobel said...

Jealous of your WAH booking! I really want to get the Models Own smash up polishes too :)

Rachelous said...

Sounds like you've been having loads of fun :) That coke float looks amazing! xx

Rocketship In The Sky. said...

I've never tried one, but the soda floats look delicious! xo

kia said...

hey :) i follow this girl who has her own vintage shop in bath, her name is The Flower Girl x

Zoët said...

oh my goodness! I haven't had a coke float in yearrrsss!!!
Looks like you've been having fun!

Rachel said...

I had a Starbucks frappechino yesterday after months without them, and I was shocked at hoe sugary it tasted!

Jane Alisa said...

Cute pictures, coke float sounds FIT. xoxo

Anonymous said...

mento yummy, the strawberry ones are the best :3 I'm so in the mood for a coke float now :(

Paper Heart Girl said...

Your weekend sounds like so much fun!!! :) xxx