Let them eat cake.


Images via tumblr and google (if any of these belong to you let me know and I will credit)

I'm going to a Marie Antoinette themed party on the 5th of June and I've been looking at beautiful pastel coloured, sepia toned stills from the movie and trawling tumblr for beautiful photographs and these are inspiring me right now. Kirsten Dunst stars as the unfortunate Antoinette, I love the film it's so pretty, alluring and the costumes alone make it a worth it watch. I've ordered some lace cupcake case holders to make some beautiful little baked delights to take with I'm thinkink little pearl edible balls and flowers that kind of thing to adorn them. I also want to try and make macaroons again but make really small ones like the size of chocolates from a box and then maybe use them to put onto cupcakes aswell... we'll see.  I know the whole 'Let them eat cake' thing never happened but it's still a part of history even if it is fake history these may have to be added to some of the cakes I make!

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Ellie Jane said...

Oh wow your party sounds amazing, I love Marie Antoinette it's one of my favourite films!

Rachelous said...

What a great idea for a party! The film is visually stunning. x

Anonymous said...

So cute! :3 I really ought to see the film xx

HippySal said...

Can't wait to go with you doll...xx