Inspire Me.


What's inspiring me right now? Beautiful creatures, especially birds of paradise, and after staring at a  magpie which had been fluttering and fighting with a little black bird in my garden for over 10 minutes I became entranced by the deep blue, shade of dark purple mixed in and the simplicity of the colours, rainbows and rainbow coloured nails, ice cream pastels but also the contradicting nature of clashing brights with gorgeous intricate patterning. Still fully digging fish tail plaits all the way back from last year and I just wish my hair was long enough to don my own one. I also really need to source some starfish to make some hair clips from. What's inspiring you right now?

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Jess said...

That first picture. Has the fascination with London become so intense that people now wear t-shirts pinned with the names of the worst parts of it? Odd.

& the new issue of SWEAT!!!

Sirens and Bells said...

I LOVE those feathers :) xx

Rebecca said...

Gorgeous pictures, your not the only one that wants longer hair, I'd do anything for beautifully long hair xx

Dancing Branflake said...

Now you're making me want to go to the ocean. That inspires me most of all.

Tonya said...

Wonderful inspiration! I love them :)