I love daisys.

Illustration of My Brother, Sister and I for Mumma OC.

My favourite ever Krispy Kreme, Strawberry Kreme.

Chimichanga Dinner at the mexican with the bezza.

Picnic Shopping!

ugh check out that juicy vein in my hand! It is very hot today... How cute is Kurt?!

This week I've been playing a lot of the new Zumba Wii game that I ordered last week, it's actually amazing and such a good workout, I'm starting zumba class again on Wednesday after not being for quite a while so combined with trying to incorporate zumba in the mornings I hope to be Summer ready soon, fingers crossed.

I'm spending pretty much most of today outside in the garden, reading, writting and drawing. I started painting a lion cub but the paint was drying to quickly for my liking so going to crack on with watercolouring some of my illustrations instead. I really fancy some ice tea with lots of ice and even though I don't eat meat I still love the smell of a nice barbecue, it's just of the many smells of Summer. I've really been trying to read Lolita, but I just can't get into it. I don't see much point reading it if really not enjoying it. I want to read Water For Elephants, the film looks like it's going to be immense!

I hope the weather continues to be lovely this week I want to spend a day in london on tuesday after a doctors appointment in the morning, spend the evenings after work in the garden doing my creative work and then next weekend I'm going to Bristol to stay in a B&B and go to a spa with my Mum and Sister. Cannot. Wait.

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Nádia said...

This post made me sooo hungry! :PPP

Emma said...

kurt is the cutest, he's just popping up there like 'oh hi' haha love it. love the illustration of your family too, lucky mama :)

Jaymie said...

haahaha sorry nadia i do likes me food.
I got my mum to take like so many of him and he kept squirming and wriggling bless his little cottons.