Kate & Wills


Obligatory William and Kate post... Don't know if you heard? But they're getting married today. I am by no means a royalist (srsly) but I have got a little caught up with the whole wedding excitement in the past couple of days there's something typically British and eccentric about the whole hoohaa (love that word) The atmosphere and sense of unity is pretty damn lovely. I will definitely be watching the Royal nuptials with a pot of tea and some Victoria sponge.I'm feeling all proud and British, lav it. Like pretty much every woman in this country and across the pond, I cannot wait to see her dress, hair and make-up.

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b. said...

you know i am feeling the same today, i am nowhere near a royalist - i see them as something that are just 'there', no big deal and not very exciting - but here i am, watching the bbc coverage, just don't tell my mum, she will be so disappointed!


Rachelous said...

Great pic! I'm no royalist either but couldn't help watching (still watching now) x

Sophie Isobel said...

Her dress was sooo gorgeous! Cute drawing :)

Dancing Branflake said...

So lovely!

Zoe said...

Wasn't here dress amazing? She looked so beautiful, I love lace on wedding dresses. As you can see I have also got caught up in it, and I have never really considered myself a royalist... but now I quite like them and the royals quite fascinating x

bee. said...

Love the drawing! Mm, I felt exactly the same when I watched the wedding :)