jungle queen


images via Spell Jewellery and tumblr.

Digging all things tribal, jungle, ethnic and surf culture, it pretty much embodies the whole of the feel of summer. Those easy breezy days, sunkissed skin, freckles on the surface, colourful beads, glittery eyes, flushed cheeks and messy knotted care free hair.

I personally really do not care for kesha as a person (she seems bit of a prick, nor?) I like a couple of her songs to shake what my mumma gave me to, but I have recently found myself crushing on that beach blonde, windswept bedhead plaited dread hair and that certain sparkle, feather and tribal-esque elements to her outfits and costumes.

I love Ella Masters blog, she's so inspiring and such a lovely girl. I recently bought the dirt & dust vintage tooth necklace, festival love light blue navajo friendship bracelet and the festival love twisted gold arm bracelet from her brand new jewellery line RubyRaeLove which is full with lots of vintage, individual, precious stones, things that sparkle and generally look bloody beautiful. I cannot wait to see a little package waiting on my doormat full of my goodies I will definitely be featuring them in an outfit post, here comes the summmmmmer!

If you haven't seen Lords of Dogtown I highly recommend it. My friend Laura introudced me to it last year an I've seen it a fair few times since then including the documentary on The Real Z Boys. It's full of lots of californian, 70s, skateboarding, surfing, bleached hair, grunge style eyecandy which wont fail to inspire. It makes me wish I could skateboard now that would be lolz to watch.

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Kimbirdy said...

i love the wild look of these {and yes, kesha looks SO much better like this than her usual blinged up self}. i have crazy hair that can't be tamed, so i love that it's coming into style. phew! :) and lords of dogtown is on my netflix queue. i can't wait to see it!

Anonymous said...

I love these pictures, I want an indian head dress so much! xx

Rachelous said...

Lovely pics, wouldn't mind a head dress either though probably not practical for work! I've also bought something from Ruby Rae Love, twas hard to limit myself to one piece! :) x