Been playing around with the Vignette demo app for android. Before I purchase it, I may aswell get all I can from the free demo, right? I've mainly been experimenting with the Toy Camera and Vignette function, noice.

The week just gone involved a lot of days were I constantly yawned from late nights and early rises, Beautiful sunny days, Busting out the sunglasses in the morning, Starring at the hundreds of daffodils on the hill on the way to work, eating ice-cream, italian food, being paid, buying new art equipment, To do list, Sad news about Elizabeth Taylor and drawing the stunning lady, Good news to do with the whole student finance fiasco (fyi they are arse holes) and finally hearing that my sketchbook project that I did and sent off ages ago had finally been recieved in all a very good week. I also saw Rango on Orange Wednesday I very much suggest it, it's very quirky and funny. The whole feel of the movie is very offbeat, It reminded me a bit of Fantastic Mr Fox which I also love!

Remember the clocks have now gone forward an hour, I almost forgot myself!

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ellieand said...

Hahaa, you have no idea how much I love the fact that you say ''noice'' too, we say it at uni all the time and people get rathurr confused.
Sounds like a good week all round, glad to hear your project was received ok, and I've heard many-a-good thing about Rango, i'll have to go and have a watch! x

Jaymie said...

Haha! I always say it ehe.
Yeah deffo try see it. I can't wait for red riding hood and water for elephants also want to see that submarine film! Xx

Paper Heart Girl said...

Sounds like a fabulous week, the sunshine certainly makes a glorious difference.
Lovely photos. xxxxxxx

Emma C-M said...

thank you for your lovely comment. like the style of your blog. really simple and cool.

E x

mj { a r c h i ♥s m a r y - j a n e } said...

wow. your days sound amazing. i forgot about the time change too.

glad your finance fiasco was worked out.

Mila said...

Love love love all of the photos above.

Zoe said...

Cute Photos. Also I agree with you about Student Finance, I have to battle with them every year to get my money! They need to sort it out!x