my eyes are on you, only you.


Today has been the first day I have really craved chocolate since giving it up for lent (I'm looking at you mint aero) which is pretty much a miracle in itself, I think the whole when I had my stomach bug I had eating maltesers that day and seeing them in reverse/ tasting them can kind of put you off them for a while (not for long though!) me and @stacie_swift had a little tweet about our chocolate drought.

I cannot wait for the weekend this week, this week been a bit of a mission last week was so lovely I know the weather has a lot to do with that and things just seemed to be going right.But the Sporadic amount of sun, lots of rain and grey skys, wisdom tooth ache, ulcers, banging headache, lack of sleep and tickly cough. I've been ill this whole 2011 it feels like, my immune system is rubbish as it is but I'm hoping when the weather settles down and my sleep pattern gets back in to a good routine and I can learn to balance my life more then things may start to get back on track, I have faith! So it's a start of a new month tomorrow, 1st of April... hmm I'm not much for April Fools mainly because I can never think of anything that would even slightly fool anyone, I remember one year my brother glued (cheap pritt stick glue) a ring to his nipple and made us think he had gone and got it pierced, I was only like 8 or something so ofcoarse I completely believed him. Keep your eyes open and don't let any pesky brothers or practical jokers make a fool of you guys!

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Sophie Isobel said...

You always find such beautiful pics, I love the watercolour eye one!

Whimsically Random said...

lOVELY collection of pics, lush lush lush!!!

Sophie said...

Such lovely pictures!
Haha love your brothers april fools joke! Made me laugh!

Courtney K. said...

Love these images. Especially the black and white. And the water color looking one. Just gorgeous.
Take care, darling.