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Top of the morning to yaaaa... A day late sure, but still! Did anyone celebrate ole St Patricks day? I'm  quarter Irish (not that I've ever been to Ireland unfort!) I ofcoarse wore something green I don my hair with a green bow, wore my emerald green ornate ring and green tartan scarf to work I thought that was enough to get a subtle message out there. I also made some chocolate cupcakes with green frosting, any excuse to bake really! With that in mind I decided to make some Comic Relief biscuit men (they weren't ginger) to take into work this morning. Friiiiiday feeling!

I always want and mean to do something to raise money for Comic Relief, But I always leave it to late to think up or organise a proper idea to fundraise, I obviously do donate what I can by buying the badges, anything that donates proceeds, I still need to try and buy the new RND t-shirt from Tk-Maxx that Vivienne Westwood designed, I bought the Beatles one a couple of years back and I still wear it to this day (infact wearing it today, obvz) and I will be donating money via text tonight. I really want to do something to raise money for the devastation in Japan. All the coverage breaks my heart, the earth-quake, tsunami, the radiation and now the terrible weather conditions it's just not letting down any. I'm thinking of trying to get people to sponsor me for my Lent endeavour of giving up sweets and chocolate, it's the only thing I can think of really? Plus it would be a huge incentive to stay on track because I know it's for a good cause.


P.S Remember to check out my Etsy shop. I will be adding more pieces over the weekend which I will blog about when I have.
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ellieand said...

Jaymie you're so freakin talented - i love your drawing style, and the stuff in your etsy shop is lovely.

I'm always late on the uptake with RND too, i've donated a little, and will probably watch some of it tonight, but apart from that it's just another day to me. I should def make more of an effort!x

Indiana Munn said...

I love your style and the What Vicky Wore has got to be one of my favorites.

Zoe said...

Great biscuits, I watched comic relief, but I didn't raise money. I found that it snuck up on me and I didn't have time to do anything.

I really want to raise money for Japan, or do something to help, but I have no idea what to do... I'm rubbish at thinking really...

Anonymous said...

i love the drawing of what vicky wore xxx

are you dressing up or dressing down said...

you have talent girl.

Helen, X