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1. I completed my first LFW illustration of 2011 this morning after being given a late night brief. I illustrated one of John Rochas A/W creation which included a lot of texture, volume and structure.
I love fashion illustrating and trying new and different concepts such as more messy and figurative to more character based. I'm going to do my own self iniated favourite collection based fashion illustrations/ sketches from each day. Maria Grachvogels collection from Day 1 was a visual feast I loved the ingenious pop of orange against all the black, white, browns and neutrals, the sheer lace against opaque, high necks, low cuts, silk luxe fabrics, mirrored prints and the short skirts graduating to long at the back.

John Rocha Catwalk A/W

2.  To do lists surround me everywhere! I'm such a list junkie. Really I am. I wish it wasn't so gloomy and grey outside but at the same time at least I don't need to venture out in to it, instead I can cosy up in my big furry slippers and watch the world as it goes on by outside. I've started getting my bronze on not that I want to look brown yet because it is still only February and would look completely un-natural on me but I do want to look less ghostly and ill! I'm using Solait Self Tan Foam and it is actually really good and only cost £6 from Superdrug. I apply it with tanning mitt and it is completely flawless and non-patchy which is always a concern with self tan!

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!

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whatkatiefound said...

I really love that first image, beautiful xx

Maddie M. said...

I absolutely love to do lists, I am an addict. I would love to see your illustration!

And these photos are beautiful.


Jaymie said...

I know I am contuiosly making them!
I shall post it when the article goes live my lovely :)

Anonymous said...

thank-you for the comment my lovely,
ahh i know tell me about it it's so gorgeous!
these pictures are so nice, that heart cake looks so yummy!
i'm definitely following you maybe you'd like to follow me back.. and checking out your etsy <3

Anonymous said...

p.s i've just checked out your etsy, you wait until i get money on my paypal, i'm in love with your picture of alexa chung <3