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I've not been able to blog as much as I would like to at all or be able to reinvent the ole blog and change the layout like I intended, I started a new header the other day and haven't finished it yet. I've been working flat out on finishing the illustrations for the childrens book which I am aiming to have finished by the 24th so this Sunday so I can send them to the publisher. I've also only just started to feel better from that horrible winter flu that I had (I'm looking at you runny nose!) I've obviosly still got all the usual Jaymie ailments that I have become so accustomed to such as aches, pains and general tiredness...I know I'm actually like 80, right.

Apologies for lack of sharing new work aswell, I'm a massive waste gash right now (HA!) I've been working on some girls wearing some of my favourite pieces from some S/S shows such as Chanel, Rodarte and Chloe, A kind of character, fashion illustration-esque, not at all finished but here's the start of one of them anyway. I'm thinking of having a lost underlying theme such as 'lost in the city' which is this sexy little mamas title and she is wasted but still managing to look pretty hot wearing chanel.
Lost at sea, mermaids! Lost in my own head, Lost in the past etc.
What's your thoughts?

P.S seen 127 days, I thought it was such a good film! obv gruesome in certain areas but not as bad as anticipated, James Franco... anomnom!
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Maddie M. said...

I love this illustration!
That's okay, we're happy to bear with you. : )