Commisioned piece for Whitney.

9 days til christmas, esh kebab! I feel like I need a body cleanse and eat super healthy but practically thinking I don't want to start that before christmas I want to have nice food and enjoy it but not use Christmas as an excuse to over indulge though. I'm feeling quite fatigued and I'm looking forward to having a nice bubble bath with a lush bath bomb and watching Jamies Christmas lock in later on channel 4 I love all the festive specials at the moment!
Not long left on my sketchbook project now, Going to aim to send off at the end of this month after the Christmas rush, so really not long! I'll do a post with a few snaps of some of the pieces, a sort of sneaky peeky. I'm practically there with it now, s'allll good!

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Katie Styles said...

jaymie i need to buy one of your prints! i literally love everything you make! xx

Dancing Branflake said...

So lovely!

Morellocherry said...

im with the commenter up there! i love ALL the illustrations you do!

Im planning on sending my childrens stories off to publishers next month and if i ever get the chance to choose an illustrator-you'd be it!!

ps. not sure if i sent a reply back about the price info on your trip (that you sent me) but that is such a good deal! i mentioned it to some members of the family so fingers crossed i can get a chance to go to NY some time! lol ahhhh to dream!!

Mariel Torres said...

you are so incredibly talented! how much do you do them for? i think it would make a wonderful anniversary present for my love :)

Oh, My Darling said...

Oh my, what a lovely illustration!!!

Also, happy holidays, hope you're having a great weekend of celebrating!!!