Love Illustrated

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I can't believe it's already the 10th Decemeber!
Where has the time/days gone?! Insane.

I've literally not been on my laptop for a while if I have been on the internet its been on my HTC, I haven't had the time and dodgy connections on my dell I just can't be doing with it and all thattttt. I've not really been up to all that much at all really except working, drawing, trying to sleep (harder then it seems I always wake up so early now and so knacked!) keep warm and be festive! I saw the new Narnia 3D last night which was as you can imagine enchanting, beautiful imagery and effects. If you're a fan of any the above, The Chronicals of Narnia  or just a bit of a pervert and want to lust over the beautiful Ben Barnes then deffo go and see it, haha.

Hope you are all keeping warm sweeties!
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Dancing Branflake said...

Such a cute couple! Love this illustration so much!

Have a warm weekend!