It's my friend Michelles 21st birthday today so I thought today would be a perfect day to post her illustration that I custom made for her as one of her birthday presents.

I need a serious spending ban, stop. me. now. My card has taken a serious hit and deserves a well earrned rest! Me and the birthday girl hit the town yesterday and witnessed some of the crazy sale shizz, long ques and very annoying people! I bought a gorgeous
satchel from Topshop, A white shirt (which was in the sale £8 score!) Sailor collared cardigan from Primark and few other bits & bobs.  But once I got in and sat infront of the tele to watch Upstairs, Downstairs (love my period dramas!) with my laptop in tow, online shopping beckoned... I ended up buying some of the Models Own nail shades I had on my Christmas wishlist which are Garnet, Prussian Blue and Vintage Pink, I also bought Fifi Lapins 'What Shall I Wear Today' book ( Adore Fifi!) and these trousers from ASOS I love the whole Charlie Chaplin styling of them, Alexa looked amazing when she wore 'The Philip Lim Tux'
  to the famous Met Ball, everything from her head to her toes I covet and I will totally be teaming the trousers with my new white shirt, ribbon tie and red vampy lips!

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas, if you follow me on twitter you may have seen mr grumpy come out, you know the usual something little happens and because you're all tired and confined theres fights then later on it's fine and a great christmas again... yeah basically one of those moments. Let me know what you all got? nosey nosey nose. I'll be doing a christmas nutshell post tomorrow so til then poppets!

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Dancing Branflake said...

Oh, I need a spending ban also! It's so hard but it looks like you definitely did well.

Mariel Torres said...

you did an amazing job darling! i never get tired of looking at your illustrations :)

JMay said...

Always love these series drawings, you always do such a great job :-)