1. Thank you everyone who left lovely messages either on here, twitter, email or face book. I had a really lovely birthday weekend (expect a Nutshell post later on today.) The only thing that was a bit of a birthday bummer was that I kept getting these awful headaches and they're such stubborn little buggers, right over my eye (defs need a opticians appointment...) Ground breaking news I am officially sick of chocolate now (even Thorntons champagne truffles which are one of faves they are just far to decadent) were see how long this lasts for, probably like a day knowing me. The calorie cutback is now in process thought, after the birthday binge! I need some nice fresh vegetables, whole grains and fruit in my system, nommmm!

2. Starbucks red cups are back and this makes me far more excited then it should, but i do like my crazy flavoured lattes and Christmas so hello best of both worlds! Pretty disappointed that the dark cherry mocha is AWOL! And I’ve tried twice now to get the Eggnog Latte and each time it’s not been available, say waaaht. Must be popular. I really need to get my mitts on some of the syrup flavours so I can make some of my own festive flavoured lattes and get a nice thermos so I can take them on cold morning travels. I’m feeling caramel, vanilla and maybe gingerbread so I can try achieve my own Chai type latte.

3. I’ve had lots of commissions come through, so looks like I’m going to be a busy girl! Pro-plus, coffee and red bull at the reds. It’s all very exciting though, the advertising and projects seem to be doing the trick. I’m spending today catching up on some bits and bobs, drawing and DVD watching. One of my presents that my brother gave me was the complete series of Eerie Indiana which I remember we all use to watch in my household when I was little. Marshall the main character in the series is the boy that’s in Hocus Pocus, I always forget that! Serious blast from the past so I have that keeping me company right now whilst snuggled up on my bed, typing up, searching & replying.

4. I have a 'Spot-light' post that I am planning on writing up today, It’s not a new product or brand but I’ve seen the light and I don’t want to go back now! So I thought I would share and share a like. I hope you all had a lovely Bonfire weekend, had lots of tasty treats and  kept safe and warm! Check back later for My birthday in a nutshell post, oh and don't forget Celebrity Coach Trip starts at 5.30 on channel 4 today big love for Brendan! So happy we have sorted out our tv sitch and now have a new sky plus box, series linking that bad boy fo sure!

Two door cinema club 'I can talk' song lyric blog title, cannot stop listening to their album!
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Morellocherry said...

EERIE INDIANA!!! OMGOSH! iD forgotten all about that !!!! whoaa!!! lol
glad you had a terrif bday! im sad i missed bonfire night this year. its usually my fave in the run up to christmas. and those candy apples look so tasty

head over heels said...

fed up of chocolate!? can't believe i just read that :(
I love the red cups but i might have to invest in some syrups too if i'm going to stick to my starbucks ban x