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I love my deep, hot, relaxing, candle lit bubble baths (I'm such a girl sometimes haha) and this is the perfect accompaniment it has become my favourite bath bomb pick me up treat to un-wind after a tiring day and all for under £2 (£1.85 to be precise) The smell doesn’t just disappear once you're all washed and dried off, it lingers on your skin throughout the day and it is such a lovely scent that reminds me of those Parma Violet sweets and fruit candy. Your skin is left feeling super smooth and silky whilst smelling gorge. There are also popping candy pieces that fizz and crackle in the water making swirling coloured pattern in the water which look like meteors whooshing by as said on the Lush website. As with all Lush products they are not tested on animals but this little bath ballistic is also vegan friendly, happy body and conscious!

Anyone remember Twilight chocolates? (We use to have these at Christmas all the time whilst sitting around playing board games, aaaw) Well this lip scrub tastes so much like these chocolates it’s unreal.  Sweet and chocolaty with a hint of peppermint. After hearing a lot of good things about Lush’s lip scrubs when I popped into the Victoria store and I saw them on the counter I had to give them ago. They leave your lips feeling so smooth and refreshed, I know personally that I get that annoying gritty type bits of skin on my lip (I sound disgusting!) that makes your lips look horrific if you put lipstick on. This is the perfect little pre treatment for said trouble. This would have been super handy on holiday as me and my Sister was suffering from dry, rough lips that got slightly burnt.
Right from the mouth of Lush...
'The mint-chocolate indulgence
When you use Mint Julips, you'll find yourself craving a bowl of mint-chocolate chip ice cream. It's made with refreshing peppermint oil, which will make your lips feel soothed and tingly, and jojoba oil to moisturise.'
This is exactly how a face mask should look like! When you picture face masks you invision a bright green, looking slightly scary on someones face (as can be seen in my nutshell face mask photo) and obviously not complete without cucumber placed just so on the eyes. My skin can get quite oily from time to time and I wanted a mask which would be able to combat this and was recommended by the lady in Lush to give Love Lettuce ago, which I haven't used before. I've had Mask Of Magnaminty which I'm a fan of it's perfect for exfoliating.The only fresh face mask I've used is Cupcake which I didn't really think all that much of. The smell of Love Lettuce isn't particularly pleasing to the nose but saying that it isn't horrible either really. When I use the mask, I wash my face then cleanse, apply, leave to dry for about 10 minutes then wash off and then cleanse again. It is great at exfoliating as well, so when washing off make sure to massage and exfoliate it off gently. I've only used this mask three times since buying it and it has definitely made my skin feel a lot softer and is left feeling very clean, so I'm a happy customer! The tubs that the fresh face masks come in look reaaally small but when you start using it and see how much your putting on your skin (even if quite good coverage) you notice there is still substantial amount left. You have to keep this little beaut in the fridge as it contains no preservatives, woo for no preservative!

Because I liked the quote...
'Exfoliation is the key to salvation'
Love Lettuce is a good exfoliator, so when you come to wash it off, give your face a little massage in a circular motion and feel the ground almond shells remove dirt and dead skin cells.Made up of Fuller's earth which is a fine-grained clay that absorbs excess oil and dirt, cleaning the skin as the mask is massaged onto, and off of your face.
from Lush website.

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Courtney K. said...

LUSH! That is what I swear by. I use the Cupcake mud mask religiously. Along with Herbalism. I also use lip service and sweet lips every night. So excited to go out and buy the Christmas items. Especially the bath balls & new soaps. I'm all out of Sexy Peel soap right now.
Sorry ranting, but I'm obsessed with Lush and celebrate over any fellow Lush lovers.

Beauty Addict said...

I love Lush!!! Their kings of Skin Body Butter is something I would keep repurchasing forever!

Amber Blue Bird said...

Ive had the worst luck with bath bombs, I will have to try that one out

dan said...

Im obssesseddd with lush! Would definately recommend the oatifix face mask :) xx

Jaymie said...

Lush girls through and through aye? haha.
ooh oatifix I will have to try that one out!

Rachelous said...

I do love Lush products! Especially around Christmas, their wrapping is delightful. I use Bathos, Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds (love the name) and Karma bubble ballistic things.. am inspired to try their face masks though as I haven't as yet. xx