Birthday Wishlist

illustration of birthday wishlist inspired by caitlin shearer one of my faves!

It's my birthday tomorrow guys and these are things high up there on my birthday wishlist (extravagant wishlist) well your only 21 once aye? The only thing I know I have is the leopard coat. Excited for lot's of lovely times, I'm planning on having a nice breakfast in bed in the morning whilst watching a bit of one of my faves (mad men) open some pressies, go meet Michelle and have a coffee and a manicure (feeling a bit of a pamper sesh) then whatever surprises come my way and out in the evening somewhere which i'm in the dark about! Then Saturday I'm seeing Dirty Dancing and going for sushi! I've wanted to see the Dirty Dancing Musical forever! So definitely looking forward to that. I didn't want a big 21st birthday party as it isn't really my thing,  I want to spend it with people I love and doing things that make me, well me and that I adore doing, it's way more personal and thoughtful. Right now I'm scheduling a post for tomorrow, I've just had some old photo albums dug out... So make sure you drop by and check the little tyke out haha and comment so on Saturday I can do my reading and replying! Right so I'm off out to london town in a bit so I better start getting ready, We're going to go to the Hummingbird Bakery for a nice cupcake and hot bevvy then to the South bank Giraffe for some girly cocktails (got to fit in oxford street somewhere aswell, hello topshop!)

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Roxy Te said...

Tomorrow! Your weekend already sounds so lovely! Love your wishlist :) Happy early Birthday lady!

alice-lily said...

Happy birthday for tommorrow:D x

Ginta said...

Early best wishes! ;) Happy, happy Birthday!

Amy said...

Have a happy 21st! Hope all your wishes and dreams come true =)

dan said...

Aw I hope you get everything you want :) xx

Oh, My Darling said...

Happy (now belated) birthday!!! Hope everything from your wishlist came true!