Baby it's cold outside


Baby you'll freeze out there.

Snowed where you are yet? Heard many threats off snow for my endzzz this weekend but now they seemed to have changed there mind. I still remember the snow days from two years ago they were freaking amazing. It is what I would deem as freeeeezing now, I have my heating on in my room, winter 13.5 tog duvet, a nice thick cosy wolly jumper on and I'm still chilly!

I've Not been able to update the ole blog because still the only method for me to do so is o use my sisters laptop because after my laptop had hat virus a while back it still doesn't let me blog which is very staaarange and annoying!

A while ago, You may remember I mentioned that I had done a little interview for a LCF project. Well here's the finished article, which is in the style of the first pages of Nylon. Well Done Fay, who got a distinction for this part of her project!
"Fashion school dropout turned fashion blogger Jaymie O’Callaghan’s whimsical and witty illustrations will make you wish you’d ignored your teachers' advice and spent more time doodling in class. “I started illustrating what I wore as a quick doodle because my camera was a complete fail,” says the 21 year old who, just four months after creating her style blog All That Glitters, now contributes illustrations to online zines including UNTRIEDmagazine, Nothing Bad, and Amelia’s Magazine. O’Callaghan is currently working on a series titled ‘Love, Illustrated’ for fashion blog Oh, My Darling but says her dreams lay outside the world of online illustration. “I have an ambition to be printed in a book or to illustrate a children’s story. It would be amazing to have an illustration printed up for a lot of people to see.”
Written by Fay Morrow.

I Spent yesterday shopping with the bestie, drinking Eds Diner mocha and oreo milkshakes, having dinner at YO sushi, spotting rolf harris in waterstones (yes freaking Rolf Harris haha made our day!) We Spent way to much money and I'm already planning on taking back some jeans that I bought from Top Shop hmm :| But I did buy a rather amazing black and white playsuit which looks a bit tux like from Urban Outfitters, I LOVE IT.

I've been super organised this festive season. I've finished all my Christmas shopping and presents. They're all wrapped up (shocking) I bought nice wrapping paper and ribbon so I had a majore session making them look all pretty and decorated with hello kitty candy canes... Christmas is un-doubtly is my favourite time of year. 

Today involves drawing drawing drawing, lots of goblin, fairy, balloons and pretty flowers are involved. Cosying up under blankets and trying to stay warm, drinking copious amounts of tea, peanut butter on toast, Doing a nut-shell post and watching some shit film on tv... I love having the weekends off!

What have you been up to this weekend? Sorted Christmas present wise or not even started?
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Ginta said...

Congrats, girl!
And, wow, just, wow - you've finished your Christmas shopping! I haven't even started mine! I'm just hopeless I guess :)

styleforlife said...

Fabulous!!!! You are so ahead of the game. :-) xxxxxx

somewhat nameless said...

I haven't begun my Christmas shopping. Although I think I'm going to make things this year for friends & family. I need to start that TODAY. ♥

fay said...

ha i didnt realise youd put this up <3 thanks jaymie, im cringing a little bit! LOVE your illustration for hey gorgeous btw its beaut!! xxxx