Mad Men cast shoot for Rolling Stone,
Total swoon fest of beautiful images, clothing, styling and of coarse people.

I'm still only on series two of my mad men box set because off being to busy to settle down with it since being back from holiday but I can't wait to snuggle up in bed with a hot water bottle, cup of tea and my duvet wrapped around myself and finishing the series so I can go on to the third, I actually plan on it whilst tucking in to my special birthday breakfast!

If you follow me on twitter you may have seen that my Halloween night was a bit of a fail mainly due to student finance, working and lack of sleep. Earlier in the day I received a letter from the student loan company stating that I owed them £1,300 that I needed to pay back straight away and to please send a cheque as if they were just asking for £12 or something, as if anyone can just send a cheque like that and with no dates or explanations then I received one about withdrawing and another about that the college need to confirm that I am there to receive my loan... seriously wtf? They need to sort their lives out they are so so so shit, luckily my family are going to help me, my mum started penning a letter yesterday and my brother said he will ring them because he has the gift of the gab and will get shirty with them if necessary just because i am so shit with it and it got me really upset yesterday, was just one of those days you know. Anyways that aside I did have fun dressing up as a leopard and making Halloween punch (witches spew and oozing dead red head, personal faves)
How was your Halloween/ weekend?


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angelina la dawn said...

i'm on season two of mad men as well! it's amazing how you get used to never seeing someone smoke on tv. and then they do it all the time and it's almost shocking. it's crazy how much the world has changed since the 60's!

Jaymie said...

it's insane how many scenes they're constantly smoking, makes it look so glamourous though!
love mad men.