Shades of grey

image found on diary of a lovely blog and loved it.

Rainy Saturday, standard. Luckily, I was house bound today in the sole purpose of getting packed for tomorrow... and I can confirm I have! I did a pretty good job aswell I am usually so rubbish and pack way to much and screw all my clothes up. Thankfully I was all packed before a brief powercut overwise that could have been a bit of an inconvience.

I have Just wolfed down some amazing udon noodles and schezchuan tofu from the chinese, amaze. I am full and now very tired I may be having an early night I reckon. I'm working on scheduling some posts for the week,with difficulty though because of my laptop not letting me blog sitch so I am sprawled out on my bed with my laptop open, so I can send images and all relevant bits and bobs to my email then open them up typing up on my sisters, long! Oh I also accidently signed out of my flikr account last night I don't even know how. But I really can't remember my yahoo ID and then it said it found me on the their accounts but once logged in said I hadn't uploaded anything?! I am so confused and it's so annoying because I am still having troubles on my laptop so using my sisters to blog, ah I need help my laptop and flikr :( anyone know what I can do?

Right I think it's time for me to go slather my pasty legs in Garnier holiday body, get a jog on with my posts and try my best not to fall asleep on my laptop!

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SOFIA said...

у вас красивый блог!))

Ster●n said...

Nice post, :)