Everybody scream

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I've worked, Zumba class, Ombre dyed my friends, eaten lots of Halloween confectionery, Got the new HTC desire phone, Heard that I'm going to be illustrating the bedtime stories book and that The 10 o'clock horses album launch which features my artwork is on the 6th Nov which I unfortunately can't go to because already have plans for my birthday weekend.

Tonight is ALL about raiding Tescos for alcohol, soft drinks and juices appropriate for Halloween punch, ordering dominoes pizza, carving pumpkins, watching horror films in candle light and trying to fit in a bit of chilling and illustrating in there somewhere probably when I'm crashed out on the sofa watching Halloween, doodle central. I've already eaten far to much tonight more then I've eaten in a while. Cue exercise bike and some wii action to sort that out haha.
What's your friday feeling?


P.S I am so excited to be illustrating the bedtime stories that will be published it's something totally new and something I've wanted to do for a long time so it's going to be such a challenge, a lot of fun and work though. busy bee right now that's me! Keep you all updated of coarse.
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