Cold Feet

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I keep having them 'last week' moments, reminscing. Still major holiday blues!
it's so cold and horrific here. As much as I love winter I seem to have fallen out with it just a tad, After experiencing the warmth for a week my skin isn't taking to kindly to the chill. 

I've been so tired and super busy since being back. I've not been able to blog properly or draw for about 2 weeks and i've missed it SO much, but today is my catch up day as I have 3 days off work! I've worked every day since Wednesday from about 9 til 7 I've been on the chanel counter dahhhling (love chanel, hate chanel number 5 and having the stench up my nose for hours, ew) I just keep thinking 'saving for travels' in the front of my mind. The bestie and I are planning and really need to book NY soon were thinking around feb/march, so excited. Anyone else have any inpending travels or places they can't wait to visit?

I have today, tuesday and wednesday off so I am so keen to be able to catch up on everything blog, emails and being able to proper get on and catch up on some illustrating not mention sorting myself out properly... unfortunately I'm still having laptop issues, I still can't blog on mine (hence the two laptops in the photo... Thanks lindy... using her laptop whilst she's at work, shhh) and still can't tweet but I have been popping into orange and looking up different smart phones, my brother promised to go shopping with me so he could haggle his arse off (he's good at it!) I'm keen on the samsung galaxy it's so pretty and apparently android is good? ahaa I don't know I'm so clueless when it comes to technology and to conclude that point I had to create a new flikr account today because I have tried and failed, to log back in to my other account but heres the link.

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