Cor blimey! Edge Of Love is a bit of a depressing one. I had been meaning to see it for ages and when I found it on Amazon from a seller for something like £1.80 I though sweet... but after watching it, it just wasn't exactly what I was expecting. There was some lovely 1940s music, striking red lips and I do love all the photographs and stills from the film, but that's about it. Anyone else seen it, What did you think?

I finished my Gabby Young And Other Animals poster today. I started completely from scratch again because I really wasn't feeling it and it was becoming one of them 'i'm going to screw you up into a tiny ball and make a scene' moments! So scanned and emailed that off, hopefully I wasn't to late as for the life of me I couldn't find a date on the email or website as to when to have it sent by, eek.

Tomorrow I will be doing a Humble Abode pt2 post. Looking through my Stats and feedback it proves that a lot of you are similar to be and like having a nose and seeing what peoples rooms are like. I'm thinking my main desk/vanity area? like makeup bits and trinkets? Anything in particular you fancy?

Dont forget to check out my blog sale, I'm selling a Topshop stripey top, some vintage size 5 shoes, leopard cardigan and other little bits. I also have a few bits up on Ebay at the moment including a H&M camel coloured trench coat, look here.

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Mimi said...

hmmm, i haven't actually seen it. i might though, if i get the chance. :)

<3, Mimi

Adele said...

I never got to see that film, I wanted to through because of the cool clothes!

-marta said...

haven't seen it, but looks good. I think I may check it out this weekend :))

Ginta said...

I saw it long time ago and as it is always with me I almost don't remember the plot. All that remains is after taste. But, yeah, it was hysteric (thanks to Sienna's character), gloomy (war) but also beautiful - Welsh (if I'm not mistaken) landskapes and Keire who looked amazing :) But actually what do you expect from a film about a poet. (Wow, I remember pretty much!) Not the best but also not the worst film out there :)

Jaymie said...

haha yes definitely agree I kind of thought that keira was going to have a proper affair though and not have this weird relationship thing almost like it was all 3 of them and cillian murphy as always plays that intense scary character (redeye) it's not rubbish just dark, not really a must see or anything.