Jaymies been a busy little beaver networking it up today ladies. I think I finally see why everyone loves Twitter, finally! I have find some many amazing contacts and so many talented people on there. Up until this morning I still thought it was self-absorbing affair but now I have seen the light, coverted. I've Found lots of fun and interesting projects to either be apart of or work for. Earlier Amelia from Amelias Magazine tweeted about a tour poster brief for Gabby Young and Other Animals so I have emailed them with my ideas so were have to see...
Heres a link to their website if you're interested and want to get involved. I also came across 'I would be'  it's a project where illustrators, designers etc come up with an A4 illustration of what they would be if they weren't an illustrator. I feel pretty drained today I think it may be something to do with the skitzo weather but I also haven't been sleeping all that well going to chill-out for a bit then try get on with some more bits!

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Courtney K. said...

Super cute pictures!!
I also love the pictures on the right side on your blog <3

Jaymie said...

Thanks my dear!
Love the pictures on your blog, gorge!

Catherine said...

I must say that you are very talented!! Good luck with everything and networking is a must in order to be sucessful which you WILL be!

estefaniap said...

cute blog!!!!

!♥ m i m i said...

Lovely illustrations

Wow I didn't know that there was so much going on on Twitter!

Daiane said...

lovely illustration! twitter is great once you find out how things really go! wink!

oxoxo from

Dylana Suarez said...

Beautiful drawings!