Sunday Segments

I woke up at 5.30 this morning, to car boot sale it up with my friend Amelia.We had a car full of clothes, shoes and accessories that we both wanted to sell. The day started with a chilly and drizzly start but we ended up selling a fair bit and got rid of some bits and bobs that are just to much effort to put up on Ebay.

We also swapped quite a few items with eachother my camera just did not want to co-operate and pick up the pattern or colour of the purple floral topshop dress properly, fail. But it is really pretty I have to do a bit of a stitch up job on it as the side seam has all frayed, easy enough though! The blue 60's style shift is gorgeeeee, I fully intend wearing it with my hair up and in a bow and red lips, A la Zooey. The bright floral dress is vintage and has such a nice silhouette when it's on, the patterns a little woah but I kind of like that about it, it has that typical vintage pattern look. Apologies again for the not so brilliant quality It's all to do with the camera and when I tried to enlarge it just made it more blurry, not cool.

This was my only actual buy and it cost a WHOOPING £1.

This belt instantly got my attention because of the 'scout' vibe it sent out with the gold embossed emblems, it reminded me of a dark green scout jumper complete with badges that I stole off my brother when I was like 15, Man I loved that jumper!

Links Links Links
Really fun and exciting illustrations.
They remind me of the art work from such cartoons as the Gruffaloo.
If you like cute and quirky I think you will be a fan of Karen Cheungs work.
YouTube makeup tutorial, This girl is a self confessed make-up and product junkie and loves to try new ranges and posts reviews/ products of the month and makeup how tos, Theres something I find really fascinating about her, you can sense her passion for her makeup craft!

All That Glitters Pick

A stunning 1920s style starlette head-band found on Etsy by the seller Giant Dwarf.
Would look so beautiful with long flowing wavy hair, that quaint essential screen siren look. Not only would I wear it just in the hair but I think it would also look just as great as a necklace type collar piece.

This post took stupidly long to format tonight, I Then also lost half of it and had to re-write and find links again. I blame my lack of sleep and my heavy eyelids, A deep bubbly bath is calling!
Hope you all had wonderful weekends!

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minnja said...

Beautiful :)))

Sara said...

Thanks for visiting on my blog :)

I really like that head-band, and by the way, those little pics on side are inspiring !

Take care

autumn, coffee and inspiration

Siobhan said...

I think I have had a bad past with car boot sales, the only ones I've ever been to have been full of old ladies selling ugly soft toys...


hi ! thanks for your lovely comment.
your blog is great, i am following :)
have a great day !

Indie.Tea said...

The Fleur de Lis belt is very cool...and so is the starry headband :)

Jaymie said...

minnja- thankyou love :)

Sara- I know it's so pretty, I really want it to wear with the upcoming colder months (yeah i actually picture wearing it in the decemeber with the festivities of christmas and hoping my hair is quite a bit longer by then, please!)
aaw thanks they are all inspiring images to me aswell.

Siobhan- Yeah they are something that can be totally hit or miss, there were only like 2 or 3 stalls with worth while stuff, some amazing antique and vintage rings just too expensive so I didn't spend to much time looking just to save myself the heartbreak!

Fashion Project- Thankyou so much that is very sweet, no problems your blog is rad :)

Hope you all have a lovely day

Lulu and the Locket said...

I love that 1920's style headband - love love love! x

Closet Fashionista said...

Oooh I love your swaps!!! Thats such a fun idea, if I had enough clothes to get rid of I should do that, haha

Jaymie said...

Thanks indie tea I also posted a comment and checked out your blog :)

Lulu I think that headband would look lovely on you maybe even black stars? they should definitely make it with black stars to!

Closet Fashionista - it is so fun, i use to do it with a friend whilst i was at sixth form aswell we would just borrow and sometimes give each other stuff, i have so much stuff i want rid off my aim is to have a wadrobe full of only stuff i love oh and a draw of comfy sweats ofcoarse haha for slobbbbing.


Anonymous said...

So love the belt you got!! Thanks for the comment!

Style Queen said...

I love your blog, so glad I stumbled upon it. And that belt is so quirky (in a good way!).


Sara Louise said...

wow that star headband is a must have !