Ida Rentoul Outhwaite


Believe in the Fairies
Who make dreams come true.
Believe in the wonder,
The stars and the moon.
From Fairies above.
They dance on the flowers,
and sing songs of love.
And if you believe,
And always stay true,
The fairies will be there,
To watch over you.

This is the introduction from a book I bought off of Amazon mainly for the Ida Rentoul Outhwaites illustrations called 'Little Book of Elves & Fairies' and it is filled with lots of little poems, stories and history of spells that people use to believe in to find fairies. I wanted to introduce you to a piece of her artwork so if you aren't familiar with it you're in for a treat if you like fairies, mermaids and quirky drawings of witches and what not.

I was featured over at Dressing Miss Dolly on her blogger style post, So I would just like to say a Thank you and that it is much appreciated, You can check it out here. I would also like to say a big Hello and Thank you to all you new followers and not so new followers ofcoarse :)

I'm currently working on my 'I would be' illustration that I keep meaning to get around to doing so I have literally only just started it I also have a few projects lined up that I'm excited about and all will be revealed  in due course. My very first giveaway ends tomorrow and I will be announcing the winner on Wednesday, Woo!
What you all been up to on this fine bank-holiday monday? Let's have natter and a nice cup of tea!


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Savvy said...

Aweee that's such a sweet poem! And the artwork is quite beautiful! Congrats on being featured! :))

Effi said...

very cute poem(: nice blog!
I'll follow your blog if you'll follow mine:

rebecca said...

i love elves and fairies!! and i'm spying a lot of alexa chung in your sidebar... we clearly have a lot in common :p

Jaymie said...

I love cute little rhymes they make me feel all giddy and like a child again ehe.
Jaymie x

Tanja said...

Oh how beautiful! I love fairies...
I like your blog very much, you have great pics + we have coffee, Twiggy and Marilyn in common :)

Tanja said...

I just ordered the book 'Little Book of Elves & Fairies', couldn't resist ;-)