Get your coat


Whilst food shopping yesterday in Tescos I spotted this military coat in black, navy and grey. I just had to get it and at £40 thinking a pretty good find! Navy was by far my favourite so I eagerly riffled through the rack to find a size 8 or 10 but with no luck so I then resorted to checking every hanger and finally found asize 10 on a size 14 hanger, don't you just hate that? I then hastily scarpered off to the checkout!
I was in dyer need of a new coat and this one fits the bill completely. I can't wait to start wearing it now... I may be getting a bit ahead of myself BUT I've been so cold these past couple of days which for August I think is insane, then again I do live in Britain so what am I talking about? I'll be wearing this by next week!

It has a fair resemblance to this bad boy don't you think...

My mum also told me that she has some of them exchange vouchers that I keep seeing Tesco advertising... soooo I'm thinking I may see if I can be cheeky and if they have anymore in my size and if they do, return it and buy it again with the vouchers that way it'll be a total bargain!

Edit- I am such an idiot, it only dawned on me today when I went to use the vouchers to buy the coat that I could get it in any size and just take that back on my other receipt! Anywho idioticy aside I basically got a coat for free! £20 worth of vouchers so doubled up became £40, saweeeet.
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Savvy said...

It's beautiful! :)

Paislea Elyse said...

i want that coat. it's so pretty!

Rebecca said...

I agree about the weather, oh the joys of England, and I live in Kent by the by. Good coat, I am after a navy duffle coat for winter. I think I'll need it pretty soon.

Jaymie said...

Yeah especially in the evenings i reckon i could wear this now it's so cold out there and dark!
ahh kent, south east massive haha.
Jaymie x

Christy said...

I love your coat. It's very cute and classy.

Christy of Dress Rehearsal

Marley said...

that coat is so so pretty
I want something like that for this winter
it's gorgeous


head over heels said...

i love it when you come across a find like this in a supermarket - its always such a nice suprise!
If you don't mind me asking whats the length like? i'm so short that buying a coat is near impossible :p

Dina's Days said...

This is a great coat, what an awesome deal! I was checking out that store online the other day and I was wondering if the clothing was any good. Too bad we don't have one here in the states!