Chocolate Dipped

Heres an idea for those who love their sweet treats, a cake bouquet.

I used some little iced fairy cakes from sainsburys, marshmallows, milk chocolate, strawberries and I also baked some normal fairy cakes, I'm more of a cupcake baker so I didn't particularly go all out with the decorating I just usedstandard icing sugar instead of frosting, didn't want to many flavours going on!
Dipped marshmallows in melted chocolate is a new fav of mine now, I recommend any chocolate lovers to melt some milka chocolate it just tastes SO good.

I would have added decorations to the bottom of the vase for decoration and probably more sweets if it was for a gift but because it was just for us girls whilst watching a chick flick with a cup of tea I thought 'nahhh lets just eat this bad boy!'
I will definitely be making personalised cake bouquets for peoples birthdays or celebrations using their favourite cakes, colours, sweeties and adding little messages would be lovely.

Indulgence moment over.
Now time for a bit of a rant of the nail polish variety. I swear tonight I've painted my nails so many times, I'm being really impatient and pedantic over it, basically a right fuss pot! Firstly I polka dotted my peach polished nails using a permanent marker and used a top coat for my left hand this was a okay but my right hand, the dots bled all over the place (I read somewhere sharpie pens are meant to work on nails but i used just a standard marker) so remover to the ready. I then painted them again with yellow and decided to add my little fimo fruit shapes which are so fun and make me happy to look at to my nails but I wasn't keen for the yellow-ness and because of the amount of top coat I had to put on they stayed tacky for way too long so yeah they became all gross and indented, ah! The amount of times I have smudged or mucked up my nails is countless, I don't know whether to get one of these or not from Ebay? I just wonder if they actually work though! Whatchall think? My nails are currently naked and looking a little sad.

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Lilly said...

These look soo goood! NoM NoM! ;)
love your blog.

ViCreative said...

thanks so much for leaving me a note.
hope to see you around soon!

(new post: Fall Preview & follow me)

Savannah said...

Cant help you with the nail painting; I usually just stick with one color. x/

The cake bouquet looks awesome though! I'm really craving a cupcake now. xD

Melissa said...

Chocolate marshmallows? How amazing!

Fifth Sparrow said...

The bouquet looks amazing!! What a great idea and sooo yummy! xx

libys11 said...

the cupcake bouquet sounds like a neat yummy idea!! :D

Animated Confessions

Ashley said...

LoL, I've been there with the nail polish drama! My nails are currently naked too, and desperately begging to be colored, but I just can't be bothered, lol!


Daiane said...

yum for the sweet treats! ;)

about the nails, here's a hot tip: when i get bored of all nail art, shades and colors i just paint each nail in a different color. or if you think it might be too much, pick three colors and just alternate them, one on each nail & ta-daa!

hope it helps! xxo

Anthony Carmen said...

Looks soo delicious.. Sweetsaholic! :)

Nat said...

ooh very creative!! sounds like you're a bit of a baker - i just made a pear and blueberry pie, come see!

D e g a i n e said...

such a fun idea, thank you for sharing!

d e g a i n e

Charleston said...


Style Activist said...

yummm ! I have been doing some experimenting with cake on a stick this summer ! Looks deeeelish.

Adorable blog . Naturally, I love all things glittery, how fitting.


meghan said...

very creative, those look delicious!

Caitlin Shearer said...

such a nice idea!
i can imagine these baby cupcakes on stems combined with a pot of chocolate fondue would be scrumptious too!

Beauty Addict said...

That's such a great idea! Love it!