Sugar Rush

I can't stop listening to Belle and Sebastian on repeat at the moment and drinking sugar free redbull and eating far to much chocolate, it is literally all I want to eat right now. Trying to make a custom banner but I am finding it problematic I hand drew a couple last week and once i uploaded them they really didn't look right as didn't match with background colour etc. I need to allocate some time to sit down with photoshop and some tutorials to try and make a banging banner!
I have had a few people email about my hair plus I've had friends asking how/what i used to ombre it.
I think I will be doing  it again very soon and I will do a step by step.
But basically I use l'oreal couleur experte, the two step hair dye but I skip the first step and just use the hilight part (I mainly started with this because i wanted lighter brown and there isn't many self hilight kits for brown hair just wanting to lighten it up slightly, and it worked so well that I've continued with it) I started with the 6.1 colour but now I have moved onto the 7.1
In a previous post i mentioned I had started using John Frieda's Go Blonder shampoo and I do believe it has worked, so hopefully it will continue to do so in time for the holibobs which my sister booked on Tuesday.  The sun in Turkey will probably lighten it even further haha we will see how this goes.

Phewww, Just had my first blogtastrophe I accidentally deleted most of my previous posts but after googling how to retrieve deleted posts I've just been through my history folder and found them all and re-posted! ah was a little bit gutted when i thought a couple of weeks worth of blog posts had disappeared forever, they even posted back in order, ayaya. I am feeling a bit of 'almost famous' and a bag of Malteasers to celebrate.

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xxcolour-me-beautifulxx said...

What a blissfully natural photo...will enjoy following your blog

Jaymie said...
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Jaymie said...

Thankyou for commenting and following.
the photo is of zooey deschannel haha i always get told that i remind them of her, i wish.
just managed to recover my posts which i deleted by accident, so glad :)!

Lauren said...

Rondom! Both of our blog posts today had the same title. Weird!

Jaymie said...
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Jaymie said...

haha staarange.
My sweet tooth or should i say sweet teeth, i can't just have one culprit are craving bad, i now have no chocolate :(