Last night I finished my first ever little hand drawn zine! It's small, completely hand drawn and written, The theme for August is little snippets from poetry. So I will either be posting pages from it or making it so it can be printed or a giveaway i'm not really sure yet? I will post the cover of the very first JAYZINE ;) tomorrow in my Sunday Segments post.
Yesterday I also discovered Edward Gorey for the very first time, Which I now can't quite believe, I wish I had found him sooner! For those who aren't aware of Gorey either, I was searching on amazon and came across these great little illustrated black and white books with funny little rhyming stories they are so enchanting and exquisitely decorated, which is right up my street. I wanted to pretty much order all his books after reading the reviews but i decided i would order just the one so I went with 'The Doubtful Guest' and it arrived this morning!


I have changed the background to my blog and still having a mess around with it really, tweaks and what not. But because at the moomin I can't really get to grips with the whole html, photoshop, even the dummy tutorials for making headers. The one I have uploaded will have to do til I get some help, because I do believe I need it! I need a nikon coolpix camera in my life. The electric blue one, please! kthanks.
I've heard that they're really good, until then I can't really get any outfit posts taken, although I have nabbed my sisters tripod to give it a go, I just don't really have any nice space to get any taken.

My lipstick obsession contunues with this MAC freckletone lustre lipstick on the MAC website it describes it as having a nice neutral peachy tone. I have been looking for the perfect neutral tone lipstick for so long and this one looks promising, pales down the lips without making you look like you have that concealer no lips look (seriously not cool) .

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xxcolour-me-beautifulxx said...

I swear by MAC too.pity though they've discontinued my fave lipgloss :(

Jaymie said...

Oh no, which one was your favourite?
I love there lipsticks, i'm going to see if i can track down this one tomorrow.
Also currently diggin the new rimmel ones, the ones with the pink casing, they smell SO good aswell.