Get flicked!

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I've been experimenting with my new MAC liquid eyeliner and to be honest, I am finding it tricky. It is by miles the best formula i've used as it doesn't budge, like at all or flake, but because i'm not use to a hard nib (ooh er) it's a little bit alien to me.
My normal protocol of doing my eye makeup involves using a Barry M black eyeliner pencil and smudging it then coaxing the liquid liner over the top to make as near perfect flick that I can.

images from google images and the fashion spot forum.

It is definitely ALL about cat eyes.
From the make-up inspiration they provide with their beautiful big doe eyes complete with feline flick and smudgy kohl effect to the cat eye framed sunglasses which I am currently lusting all over, I've seen the most amazing pair on alexa chung, I will have to keep my beady cat eyes out for a pair just as amazing, I even like the pair that the girl next to her is doning i'm just not so keen on how they part in the middle .

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chicmistry said...

love cat eyes, love alexa :)