Isle of Dogs Exhibition at 180 The Strand

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The imminent release of Wes Anderson's new stop motion movie 'Isle of Dogs' due for release Good Friday is now upon us. With a strong following of fans (Hi, Hello!) of his original and quirky style of movies this will come as great news. I feel like this movie has been a long time coming since his last big release being the iconic 'Grand Budapest Hotel' 180 The Strand is celebrating this with an exhibition of the sets and models from the movie. 

As soon as you enter the exhibition space you are hit with smells from a life sized version of a noodle bar from the movie. Visitors can buy food and tuck in at the tables and seating provided, along with a selection of Japanese drinks (and cocktails on late night openings) Staff prepare food behind the counters as the musical original score is played throughout to set the scene.

The exhibition is free to enter and only on until 5th April. Open from 11-7pm Saturday to Wednesday and late night opening of 10pm on Thursday and Friday. I recommend getting there as early as possible (especially on the weekend) we arrived at about 11.15 and there was no que but it did get steadily busier as we looked around.

I found myself really taking in all the intricate details of the sets - the model makers are so incredibly talented and all those involved at making a movie like this come alive. I kept finding myself picturing the scenes and how the movie may look.

If you've not seen the trailer for the movie click here.

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