Afternoon tea at the Landmark

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To mark the occasion of my beautiful Mum's 62nd birthday, My sister and I took her for a spot of afternoon tea last Saturday at the Landmark London hotel - which is conveniently located just opposite Marylebone train station and believe me last weekend when the heavens opened it really was convenient, especially with open toe shoes (inappropriate dressing 101) The afternoon tea is set in the most impressive of settings 'the Winter Garden' boasting statuesque palm trees. When we inevitably took photographs on the stairs looking down at the restaurant we could have easily fooled anyone into believing we were on our hotel room balcony.

The staff were all very attentive, welcoming and friendly, which really adds to the overall experience. They came round with plates of second servings of sandwiches for those who wanted more and endless amounts of tea which of coarse we too full advantage of, rude not to.

I use to go to a lot of afternoon teas and since turning vegan it has obviously decreased, but with so many establishments becoming more aware of the increase in dietary requirements and so places aren't even phased at the mention of the v word anymore and will take on the challenge to make some amazing treats. I had my first macaron in nearly two years (pictured above) and if you know me, you will know that they use to be my favorite. I was cheeky enough to ask if they had another one that I could take home for Matt as he has never had the pleasure vegan or otherwise and they rose to the occasion and bought me out a doggy bag filled with an array of the cakes for me to take away.

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